ABSHomes.com is now being operated by Winton Homes & Cottages
- the same company that has always built the AllPro products!

Why buy a Prefabricated Home?                   

  • A fixed price with NO cost overruns
  • Premium quality lumber from our own mills
  • Climate controlled production facility protects your investment from weather   
  • Laser technology for precision building                         
  • Faster construction - saves labor costs
  • Less waste - 40% less cutting waste saves money
  • A greener way to build
  • Over 35 years of experience in every home   

Our experience building beautiful homes translates into a simple and straightforward process for you. No matter how big or small your new home or cottage, we'll guide you through every step to ensure you're experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Custom design or choose one of our time proven stock floor plans and save even more

Let's get started. Your dream home or cottage is closer than ever! 

Why a Packaged or Prefab home?

There are so many smart reasons to choose a packaged home and even more when you make it a Winton Home. You get the look, style and quality of a custom-built home but you enjoy the benefits of faster construction, green building, and more control than with traditional builders

Prefabricated Home Quality 
Superior quality is a major advantage of a Winton packaged home

  • Climate controlled 49000 sq ft facility 
  • Protects all materials from destructive weather effects
  • Laser Technology for precision assembly
  • Premium high grade lumber

Custom Design 
Over the past 35+ years, our designers have created thousands of prefabricated home plans to satisfy the unique need of our customers 

  • Complete custom design
  • Move a door, add a window, change the floor plan
  • Customize your kitchen & living space
  • YOU decide what you want 

Faster Construction 
A Winton Packaged Home goes up faster than traditional construction

  • Walls, floors & roofs are pre-built
  • Precision engineered with laser technology
  • Designed for rapid assembly on a building site
  • Trucks are loaded with reverse order of assembly
  • This is the building system everyone will use in the future

Cost Certainty & Control 
You've likely heard a few nightmare stories about new homes coming in way over budget. 
Winton provides more certainty over the final cost and more control over how its built. How?

  • Our factory builds 100's of homes & cottages a year
  • When you sign a contract with us - The price doesn't change - ever!
  • We ensure you are completely happy with your design - no changes on site therefore no cost overruns 
  • Less waste and volume purchasing of materials means a lower end price

Winton panelized homes should not be confused with modular or mobile homes. Panelization is actually considered to be one step above conventional "stick" framing.

About Winton Panelized Walls

Winton wall panels are framed to exacting tolerances in a climate controlled facility. State of the art laser technology and stringent quality control measures ensure precision workmanship and a quality product superior to that of most traditionally framed homes constructed on site.

Our custom built panels will arrive on your job site numbered for quick assembly and accompanied by your home's customized construction manual.

Exterior Walls

Winton standard exterior walls arrive pre-sheeted. They are constructed with premium grade 2" x 6" SPF (Spruce/Pine/Fir) lumber on 16" centres.

The walls come complete with framed openings for your windows and doors, ready for installation. 

Interior Walls

Winton standard interior walls are constructed with premium grade 2" x 4" SPF kiln dried studs on 16" centres - double plate on top and one at the bottom.

All interior partitions are panelized and supplied as a part of your materials package.

By using panelized construction you will be able to SAVE time and labour costs by 40%


Winton Homes & Cottages is a 100% custom manufacturer of prefab or panelized homes. We provide pre-cut floors systems, factory-framed wall panels and engineered trusses packaged together with roofing, side material, windows and doors - Everything you need to assemble your new home to lock-up phase of your home building project.

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